It Just Doesn’t Make Sense To Me…


Why would anyone start a venture whose client base is land brokerages and small operators?  I get asked that often, and it usually only takes a few minutes before the inquirer is nodding his head and saying that he gets it.

I am blessed to have many great friends across the country working in the land industry.  My time with TotaLand, the AAPL and local associations has given me a great feel for the needs of land brokerages and small operators.  I can tell you that there are very many individuals out there who are excellent landmen and who are able to get and retain clients.  In many instances, however, those same individuals are not so proficient at the numerous other skills required to start and maintain their operations.

Beyond the landwork itself, there are many issues to be addressed, such as building and maintaining a website and social media presence, building and maintaining a secure network that serves both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ clients, data security and management, GIS and data entry services and even bookkeeping.  What do all of these services have in common?  They are all critical to a successful business, and all require technical expertise in order to ensure that it is done correctly.  Any of the aforementioned areas, if done incorrectly, can be very inefficient at best, and catastrophic (in the business sense) at worst.

Another common thread is that there are many companies out there willing to provide these services, but very few who have the land background that we do.  Our clients don’t have to bring us up to speed on the nuances and intricacies of the industry.  As both a provider and consumer of consulting services, my experience has been that not having to overcome that learning curve is better for our clients’ bottom line as well as their peace of mind.

Suffice to say that now is the time to talk to us about getting your operations tuned up for the inevitable upswing.  We provide consulting and services in website design, social media marketing, IT and data management.  We also provide GIS, data entry/capture and bookkeeping services, allowing you to outsource rather than handle with internal staff.

Are you nodding yet?  Keep an eye out for additional posts going into more detail about each discipline.